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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Barcaldine Prep - Year 6
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I warmly welcome you to St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. We have a proud tradition of high-quality learning in a Christian atmosphere of care and concern for the individual. From humble beginnings with the Sisters of Mercy in 1896, our school has developed a unique culture, family-like in nature and responsive to the needs of the Barcaldine community.

The fine school we now have is the outcome of the efforts and co-operation of many people - Sisters, staff parents and students - over many years. The values of the Sisters of Mercy guide us in helping students to become socially just and active citizens who strive to become the best version of themselves. It is from the Sisters of Mercy that our focus on educating the whole child – physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually stems.

Here at St Joseph’s we value and nurture each child as an individual. We believe each child is unique and special and endeavour to celebrate and support them in their education. St Joseph’s is a place where children are encouraged to develop holistically – spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially, physically and culturally.

We offer small class sizes to ensure maximum teacher and student interactions. Our dedicated teachers continually strive to provide engaging and challenging learning experiences, encouraging each student to believe in themselves and see themselves as effective learners. The staff regularly participate in professional development to ensure they are well-informed about current issues and innovations in education and to maintain a high standard of learning opportunities across the school.

We firmly believe that the primary educators of children are you - parents and caregivers. The partnership between parents and teachers, one of mutual support, is crucial to the successful education and well-being of children. At St Joseph’s, we are committed to working with parents in ensuring that all children achieve their potential.

I trust you will find St Joseph's to be a welcoming and caring school for you and your family. I invite you to come and meet with me so I can personally show you around the school and further discuss what we can offer your child.

Kind regards,

Mr Trent Shillington


St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Barcaldine Prep - Year 6


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