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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School co-curricular
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We aim to broaden our students' learning horizons by presenting a range of co-curricular activities for students.

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Barcaldine Sports Carnival


The school holds Swimming and Athletics Carnivals annually in conjunction with Barcaldine State School. Students are encouraged to represent Barcaldine at the Central West and North West Carnivals in many sports including Netball, Rugby League, and Cross Country. In addition, the Catholic schools in our Diocese compete in an annual Rugby League and Netball competition called Challenge Cup.


Students in Years 3-6 are invited to meet weekly to work on challenges which empower them to think, create and communicate. They work as a team for a six-week period and present their solution to a set problem at a regional gathering of schools.

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Barcaldine Opti Minds
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Barcaldine Camps


School camps are important learning and socialising experiences and are part of our school program. Some excursions which have been undertaken include visiting the Age of Dinosaurs in Winton and Camp Fairbairn Outdoor Education Centre outside of Emerald. Every second year, the senior students travel to both Canberra and Sydney to visit such educational and recreational sights as Old and New Parliament House, Australian National Museum and the Sydney Opera House. 


Throughout the year, children may be given the opportunity to enhance their learning through real-life learning activities offered beyond the school site. All excursions are based on educational programs and have appropriate pre-tour and post-tour learning activities. Information is provided for parents prior to any excursion. 

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Excursions
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Barcaldine The Arts


Students are provided the opportunity to participate in our Biennial School Musicals such as The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast Jr. In addition, throughout the year, our students attend a variety of cultural/educational performances. These sessions give students and insight into the fascinating and multicultural world around us. 


Students in Years 3-6 are invited to meet weekly to learn coding, programming, and robotics using LEGO Mindstorms kits and EV3 lab programming software. Problem-solving and logical thinking skills are emphasised. 

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Robotics Club
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